Summer brain teaser: can you spot the butterfly in this picture?

There is a butterfly hidden among these sunflowers!

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If you are a fan of optical illusions or brain teasers, we have the perfect game for you! 

It is another creation of Gergely Dudás, aka “Dudlof,” a children’s book illustrator who makes fun seek-and-find picture games that leave adults and kids baffled. 

This time, The Dudlof is challenging you to find the butterfly hidden in these sunflowers! And we must admit, it is one of the hardest puzzle we have seen so far!

Take a close look at the photo below and try to spot the butterfly.

The Dudlof

The fact that the butterfly blends in with the petals of the sunflowers makes it almost impossible to find! So here's a hint to help you if you are struggling to find it.

Try to focus on the top left corner. 

Here's the illustration again, good luck!

The Dudlof


If you’ve searched everywhere for it and still can't spot it, look at the solution below.

It was a really hard one!

The Dudlof

Were you able to find the butterfly? How long did it take you?