Super easy DIY mosquito-repellent

No need to use harsh chemical on your skin!

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Super easy DIY mosquito-repellent

This recipe is not only effective for repelling mosquitoes. It is also used to repel all other pesky insects! So, make it in large quantities if you want to repel these insects that attack you while you're eating on your patio. Like flies, corn bugs, bees, wasps, barbels and all the others.

Many people have strong reactions to mosquito-repellent products found on the market. Others can get severe allergic reactions to insect bites.

For whatever reason it may be, if you suffer from any kind of discomfort, stop using these products right away. Or, use a 100% natural formula to protect against insect bites.

If your children have strong reactions to insect bites, try this 100% guaranteed formula without delay.

You will easily find everything you need in pharmacies, health food stores and supermarkets. Interested in making your own homemade 100% natural lotion?

What you'll need:

-80 ml of baby oil

- 15 mml (1 tablespoon) vanilla extract

-30 drops essential oils; lavender, lemongrass, cinnamon and eucalyptus

-4 cloves

-160 ml of witch hazel water

-A spray bottle

How to:

1) In a glass jar, add witch hazel water and baby oil; mix well. A brown glass jar helps keep the formula active longer. The color of the glass prevents light from altering the products.

2) Then add the drops of all essential oils and mix well

3) Next add the cloves

4) Let the cloves macerate in the lotion at least 2 days before using the lotion

5) Spray on skin and on all your clothes

6) Repeat after a few hours as needed

7) Be careful not to spray in the mouth and near the eyes

8) This formula is not only effective for repelling mosquitoes. It is also used to repel all pesky insects!

9) Wash your hands well after use

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