Take a look at these 7 plants that will protect you from mosquitoes

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Take a look at these 7 plants that will protect you from mosquitoes

If you love to decorate your terrace and garden with plants, you should see these seven beautiful plants that are also very effective to keep mosquitoes away from your patio and garden.

This is wierd this year, because even areas where usually there are no mosquitoes, well, they are full of mosquitoes.

So despite all the products that can be used to avoid getting bitten by mosquitoes, we can use lemongrass, vanilla and lavender candles to keep mosquitoes away. You can also use essential oils with the same fragrances to keep them away. And you can even put cloves in oranges to repel these annoying insects.

But if you don't like these solutions, plants can help you ...

Here are 7 beautiful plants that will keep mosquitoes away from your patio and garden:

1) Basil:

Mosquitoes and flies hate the smell of basil. Keep a pot of basil next to your dining table or place it on your dining table and you will never have any mosquitoes ! In addition, you will always have fresh basil ! It's just perfect !

Source: Mokie via Wikimedia Commons

2) The mint:

Mosquitoes hate the fresh feeling of mint and spiders hate the smell of peppermint. So having mint in the house and on your terrace is good for cooking, but also to keep mosquitoes and spiders away. In addition to being so beautiful. It's very easy to grow mint in a pot. In winter, you can have the mint inside the house, you'll have fresh mint 12 months a year and and spiders will stay away from your house !

Source: Kham Tran via Wikimedia Commons

3) Lemon balm:

A cousin to mint, lemon balm grows fast and repels mosquitoes with its scent. This plant is perennial, so it will grow back each year. But be careful to plant it in the right place because this plant is invasive.

Source: Jessie Hirsch via Flickr

4) Lemongrass:

Lemongrass is a perennial that grows very well in sunny places. It is sold as a candle or oil, but you can grow the plant in a pot, this solution is very effective to keep mosquitoes away !

Be careful, lemongrass can irritate the skin.

Source: Mokie via Wikimedia Commons

5) Lemon thyme:

Lemon thyme loves sun and dry soil. This plant is perfect in rock gardens and flowerbeds. And the mosquitoes will stay away because they hate its smell.

Source: Derek Ramsey (Ram-Man) via Wikimedia Commons

6) The catnip:

Your cat will thank you for this plant! Because cats love catnip. This herb will also prevent cats from the neighborhood to do their business in the sandbox of your children. So keep cats away from your terrace and repel mosquitoes at the same time.>

Source: Jon Sullivan via Wikimedia Commons

7) Lavender:

Some people do not like the sweet scent of lavender. But, mosquitoes and a large majority of insects hate lavender. Bees, on the other hand, love it. But the bees will stay near flowers, they will not come to annoy you as mosquitoes do. Lavender grows well in dry soils and prefers sunny places. Formerly, lavender grew in Provence and in Mediterranean countries. Then lavender grew in Eastern Europe. Bulgaria, Russia, Ukraine and even Tasmania and Canada where mutated plants are frost resistant.

Source: Getty Images / Purestoc