Take a look inside the most expensive house in Chicago.

Can you guess the price?

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Can you guess the selling price?

Are you good at guessing the selling price of homes? This 25,000 square foot mansion in Chicago was built in 2008 by Richard Parrillo, United Automobile Insurance chairman and CEO, and his wife Michaela.

The couple paid $ 12.5 million for the seven lots on which the house is located and built the mansion for a total cost of $ 65 million. Warning! This is not the selling price.

Keep in mind, that the previous record of the most expensive house for sale was held by a penthouse in the Trump Tower, that listed in 2011 for $32 million.

The penthouse ended up selling at the end of 2014 for $ 17 million.

Take a look at this residence and try to guess its price!

In Florida

The couple who owns this house decided to sell it because they spent more time in Florida than in Chicago.

Even if the house is sold for half of its price

Even if the home only received half of its asking price, it would still hold the record for the most expensive home in Chicago.


The couple wants to have a house smaller than this one, that has more than 25,000 square feet. Yes, 25,000-square-feet!


Despite the fact that the couple spent about $ 65 million to build this home, they are asking less than this amount because of the current state of the housing market. Maybe it will give you an idea of the price?

5 years to build

It took the couple about five years to build the mansion. The house was built with quality materials.


The enormous home is overflowing with elegant and luxurious details. A gold and wrought iron staircase spirals up to the second and third floors of the home. There are also wood-trimmed, arched passageways throughout the entire mansion. It almost feels as if you’re in a palace in the French countryside.


Gorgeous marble flooring can be found throughout the home, often adorned with a beautiful design or pattern.

Details, more details!

Each room of the stunning home is more breathtaking than the next.

A large, slab of light-colored marble serves as the centerpiece and island in the kitchen. Hosting dinner parties in such a beautiful space would be a breeze.


The woodwork and intricate architectural details of the house make it stand out from other homes. When we think about the price of wood ...


This room, which looks like a large reception room, has vaulted ceilings and double glass doors that lead into an impressive temperature-controlled wine cellar. There are chandeliers in almost every room of the house.

The price?

Do you have an idea of the price of this house? The couple has invested $ 65 million for the land and construction of this 25,000 square foot home! Does this influence your idea of the price?

You will be surprised to learn that the price is $ 50 million for this house; making it the most expensive home for sale in Chicago, United States.

Did you guess the price? I can't wait to read your comments!