Teach your children how to make beautiful bracelets

A video tutorial to learn more easily!

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Teach your children how to make beautiful bracelets

You would like to make jewelry? Bracelets in particular?

You know that it is very easy to get pearls and everything needed for jewelry making in specialized shops?

On the South Shore of Montreal and Montreal, you'll find everything you need in Chaton Beads and L'oiseau Bleu. You will find the addresses on the Net.

You can also rely on the video for the neccessary you will need.

The making of jewelry is a very nice hobby. It's also a great way to give gifts to anyone you love, at little cost.

And even that many people develop very beautiful models for the manufacture of their bracelet.

And to learn the right techniques, you have to search the Net.

But now, 5 Minutes Crafts has done a video editing with some techniques that you'd better learn if you're thinking of getting into this field. Whether as a choice to offer to your friends, or to the family as gifts, or simply for leisure.

As long as you learn by trial and error, you can avoid waste and find straightforward solutions to gain experience. Is not it?

You will find in this beautiful video tutorial:

1) A technique to learn how to make a bracelet on sewing thread, with a sewing needle, but pressed on embroidery threads, to make a color growth effect.

2) A knot technique to do with two colors of cord only.

3) Another technique with 3 colors of cord!

4) A technique with 2 colors of cord, which gives a chain.

5) A technique with 4 colors of braided cord, really super simple, which gives a remarkable effect.

6) A magnifying glass technique, with 3 colors of cord, which gives an impressive curly bracelet.

7) And finally, a technique to do with a notched cardboard circle, to thread several pieces of colored string and make a woven bracelet

On video:

Adorable DIY bracelets. ? bit.ly/2vtoUif

Posted by 5-Minute Crafts on Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Source: 5 Minutes Craft Facebook Video

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