Techno Trends you cannot pass up on Black Friday!

You can benefit from these insane discounts until December 5th!

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Techno Trends you cannot pass up on Black Friday!

It is no longer a secret: Black Friday is one of the best times of the year to stock up on more affordable techno gadgets, TVs and other devices. In order to make the most of these exceptional offers, let us show you what are the best trends no one should miss out on!

What’s better at Stereo+, the Black Friday event runs from November 22nd to December 5th. No need to queue in stores: you can find all these offers online!

Owning a very large TV is trendy!

Large screen TVs have never been this affordable. Owning a 75-inch screen is now the new trend! Film, TV and video game enthusiasts know how important image quality is, and being able to enjoy a sharp projection on a big screen is priceless.

When you think of a detailed image and rich colours, one TV comes to mind: the 4K QLED TV from Samsung. With it, you'll enjoy a more engaging experience without the hassle of a pixelated image, no matter how bright the room is.! This is a TV that will attract both sports fans who want to watch hockey games as a group, and cinephiles who do not want to miss any of their favourite movies. As for the gamers, they will almost feel like an integral part of the video game in front of a large screen with this much precision.

Wireless headphones that athletes love

Wireless headphones are more convenient than ever, especially for athletes who like to train to their favourite music lists. No more hassle with the Bose SoundSport Free headphones! Completely wireless, these in-ear headphones feature StayHear + sport tips for added comfort and stability. They are sweat proof and weather resistant, therefore they can be used both in the gym and outdoors without the fear of damaging them. They have been developed so that the user feels completely free, even in action on a sports field or race track. They even come with a built-in microphone!

Obviously, such wireless headphones have a disadvantage: they can get lost easily. However, thanks to the convenient "Find My Buds" function, you will always be able to locate them easily.

Great sound - no matter where you are!

Another techno gadget on trending alert: being able to listen to music anywhere at any time, thanks to a portable audio system. The House of Marley wireless portable speaker Get Together Mini is without a doubt one of the most elegant models. Interesting fact: this speaker is made of recycled materials!

Its small size makes it a speaker that can be easily transported, while producing clear sound. Because small does not mean it doesn’t pack a punch! This portable audio system produces very powerful bass sounds that music lovers will appreciate for several hours since the Get Together Mini has a battery life of 10 hours.

By activating the Bluetooth function, you will be able to broadcast various audio contents (music, podcasting) from a smartphone or tablet without having to connect your audio speaker.

Are you on the lookout for new trends in audio and techno on top of amazing discounts? Then, do not miss the Black Friday sale at Stereo+ starting on November 22nd.