Thanks to these magic tips, your kitchen cabinets will be cleaner than ever!

Six secret tips

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To clean the kitchen drawers, there are some tips you may not know.

Here are six tips to clean your kitchen!

1- Vinegar

Vinegar is very effective to clean grease. Mix hot water with vinegar and spray this solution on your kitchen drawers. Let a few minutes before rinsing.

2- Soap

Mix soap with warm water and wet a cloth with this solution. Use it to clean your drawers and rinse with another cloth.

3- The oil soap

Oil soap is one of the most effective cleaners. Spray and clean with a cloth.

4- Ice

Put ice cubes in a Ziploc bag and apply it on the stains. Then use a plastic knife or fork to remove food. If the task is too stubborn, wash it with a paste made of vinegar and salt.

5- Baking soda and coconut oil

With a dose of coconut oil and two doses of baking soda, this will make a paste. Take a sponge to apply this mixture onto the stains. You can also use an old toothbrush to remove stubborn stain.

6- The Clorox

Half a cup of Clorox in 3.7 liters of water and it works! Put this mixture on a sponge and clean your kitchen drawers. Leave on for 5 minutes before rinsing with warm water. Let dry.

Here you know everything!