Thaw your meat in just a few minutes with this safe method!

This is the method recommended by chefs!

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How do you thaw frozen beef, pork or chicken ?

Do you use the microwave ? This is really the worst method ever : the thermal shock affects the texture and taste of the meat, because it cooks small parts of the meat. So . . .  avoid the microwave completely !

On the kitchen counter ? You really should not thaw meat or poultry on the counter because the bacteria are growing at room temperature and the risk of food poisoning is very high. So , avoid this too ! This is not safe at all !          

In the fridge ? Many people defrost the meat in the refrigerator, it is a big mistake . According to a Swedish scientist, Susanne Ekstedt , who has conducted research about this issue : letting frozen food slowly melt in the refrigerator boosts the proliferation of bacteria and that is why you should no do that . The fridge method is not safe. The time it takes the meat to thaw and the fact that the meat stays in its ' thawing juice ' is a big problem. She explains that several cases of food poisoning take their source in this meat that has been thawed in the fridge ! So avoid doing this ! ! 

What can you do ? 

The researcher has only one recommendation : put the meat in a Ziplock plastic bag and put the bag into a bowl of very cold water.

After barely an hour , most of your meat will be thawed : it depends of course of the size of your meat. Obviously, small pieces of meat thaw faster than the big ones. But this is the method that I use for years and I can assure you that it is very very effective ! ! You can try this safe method at home . I hope this tip was helpful to you ! !

According to the researcher, water " helps food to defrost faster than all other techniques, and prevents microbial growth " Because meat thaws quickly in a cold environment. [pub]