The 6 reasons why you can't (almost) never win at the carnival games.

Here are some tips to help you win!

Tips and Crafts

The festivals and carnivals may not be as busy this summer because of the coronavirus, but they might happen in some cities. Do you remember the games they all invited us to play? You know the ones your children always ask for a soft toy and proud lovers trying to win a prize to impress their date.

But it can be (very) difficult to win in this kind of game. It's that these games are a bit misleading ... Here are some tips on how to overcome these obstacles! Have fun and good luck!

1. Balloons and darts

Pop a few balloons with darts can seem super easy. However, it is not that much. Why? The tip of the darts is not sharp enough. In addition, the balloons are slightly deflated to make it more difficult to burst them. Finally, the center of gravity of the dart may have been changed so that it flies unevenly.

How to win this game?

1. Check whether the dart is balanced, whether it is straight, and whether or not there is a paper separator between the tip and the body of the dart.

2. Try to throw as hard as possible, while keeping the maximum precision in the throw.

3. Aim for the balloons that appear the most inflated.


2. Throwing balls into a basket

In this game, you have to throw three tennis balls in a basket. Often, to convince someone to play, they are offered the first shot for free. And strangely, people generally succeed!

But now the next throw isn't as easy, because the basket is made of a material that easily bounces the ball, which makes it stick out easily. In addition, the first ball, which is already in the basket, will most likely eject all of the others.

How to win this game?

It all depends on your precision and the finesse of the throw. Try to throw the ball as low as possible, and tilt it as far as possible to reduce the likelihood of a rebound. It is very hard!


3. The basketball hoop

Even a basketball pro will have great difficulty making a basket here.

This is because the basket may be smaller than normal or slightly twisted, to make it much more difficult to reach properly.

In addition, the balloon offered can be "rigged", so the player always lose. It may be too inflated, so that it bounces a little too easily. Without forgetting that the ring is often placed at a height and a distance which are not standard.

How to win this game?

1. The only way to get there is to make a perfect throw.

2. Try to throw the ball as high and as hard as possible to make a bell shot and prevent it from bouncing on the ring. The higher the bell, the easier it will be to shoot.

3. You should not try to make a basket using the rebound of the panel, because as the balloon is certainly hyper-inflated, it will therefore go anywhere ... except in the basket.


4. Rings and bottles

In this game, you are given a few rings to throw on a dozen bottles that are in front of you, in order to hang said rings on the necks of the bottles. But these rings are made of rigid plastic and their size is larger than the necks of the bottles. So they always jump out of these.

How to win this game?

1. You should in fact stay away from this game, almost impossible to win. A person who still wants to try the shot will have to make the perfect shot.

2. To slightly increase the chances of winning, you can give a small effect to the ring by throwing it, to stabilize it when it reaches the neck of the bottle.


5. Climb a rope ladder

This game consists of climbing a rope ladder to ring the bell located at the top, or even standing for five seconds on the last bar. The scale seems to be quite short, which makes the exercise seem very simple. Except that when you start to climb, the ladder suddenly starts to turn again and again. Why?

It is that at the top and bottom of the scale, the strings are fixed on a single point. It’s literally like walking on a tightrope, so maintaining your balance is incredibly difficult.

How to win this game?

1. Do not even try, unless you have a perfect balance!

2. To win, it is imperative to move correctly on the ladder. Try to move in opposite limbs at the same time, for example the left arm simultaneously with the and right leg.


6. The pyramid to knock down

Everyone knows this game of pyramid that is made of tin cans, soda cans or bottles.

Just drop all the elements of the pyramid by throwing a ball. Simple? It would be if the containers were not ballasted with stones or sand, and if the ball was not so light!

How to win this game?

1. Ask to see one of the bottles or cans up close before starting the game. If the showman refuses, it's proof that something is wrong.

2. We can win despite the trap. You have to throw very hard and aim right in the middle of the line at the bottom. It is the most vulnerable place in the pyramid.


There you go, we hope these tips will help you! Good luck and don't forget to have fun!