The amazing interior of this 338-year-old house never ceases to surprise its visitors!

A beautiful renovated ancestral house from 1860!

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Published 5 years ago
The amazing interior of this 338-year-old house never ceases to surprise its visitors!

Do you like ancestral homes?

Do you like old houses? This one is 338 years old. This might lead you to believe that the inside should be in very poor state but that's definitely not the case!

This cottage, located on the Cornwall coast in the UK, was built in 1680!

A young couple who loves challenges decided to renovate it and give it a more contemporary, friendly atmosphere without damaging any its character!

Are you curious to see what the interior looks like? I'll let you take a look at the following photos and I have a feeling that you will be amazed.



When looking at the house from the outside, nothing can prepare us for the surprise that awaits us inside. The front door is very typical with its size; watch your heads!

The living room

Let's start the viewing with the charming living room. Isn't it welcoming? The room has a vintage fireplace with an antique stove, a cozy sofa, all in a friendly atmosphere.

Master bedroom

The master bedroom has a very big four poster bed, antique dressers and a charming atmosphere! The decor is simple, but is beauty not often found in simplicity?

Children's room

The kids room is extremely cute! It is right next to the master bedroom.

The bathroom

We likely would have believe that the bathroom would be small and dark, but, that's not at all the case! I adore this clawfoot bathtub. The interior design is very representative of the home's atmosphere. The owners made a great selections in terms of furnishings and decorating accessories.

The kitchen

The kitchen has a country decor but is equipped with modern components such as the stove, taps, counters and others. What do you think of this room?

Dining room

As the house is from a certain period, it obviously won't have a ton of square footage, however, there is still a charming dining room that is used daily. The ceiling is low, I'll admit, but this is part of the characteristics of the homes of that era. The decision to paint the walls and ceiling white was genius; it helps give the small room the appearance that it is larger.


We end our tour with this charming terrace that provides the home with extra space. I'm curious to know what you think of this 338 year old home!

I personally find that the couple made some beautiful renovations, you?

Source: Ipnoze