The best way to store strawberries a glass jar!

They will stay fresh for weeks!

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The price of groceries seems to keep raising every time we go to the store. It is even more true for fresh produce! Berries have become ridiculously expensive and they seem to only last a day or two in the fridge! 

Instead of wasting them (or freezing), you should try tips to keep them fresh. While there are multiple tips and tricks on the internet, you probably don't want to waste your precious berries trying them! Here is one that is guaranteed to work! In fact, someone else already did an experiment with three different strawberry storage methods and with this one, the strawberries were still plump and juicy after 3 weeks!

The secret? A glass jar! 

Kris Potter posted this trick on Facebook and it quickly became viral! It was shared over 270k times!

" It took me 36 years to find out that if you put strawberries in glass jars, they last forever! ? these ones, no word of a lie, are over 3 weeks old. From the superstore. I’m lucky if I get them to last 5 days before they start to turn when I buy them from there. I don’t know who else knows this trick but if you don’t, you’re welcome! "

How To 

  • Wash the glass jar and make sure it is clean and completely dry.
  • Discard any spoiled strawberries from your package, but do not remove the stem.
  • Do not wash the strawberries.
  • Place them in the jar and close the lid making sure it is airtight. 
  • Place the jar in the coldest part of your fridge. 

There you go, now you can enjoy fresh and delicious strawberries for weeks! 

What is your favourite berry? How do you store your fruits to preserve freshness?