The “Black Mystic” a plant with dark and white banded foilage!

Add a little “Beetlejuice” touch to your decor!

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Published 2 years ago
The “Black Mystic” a plant with dark and white banded foilage!
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If you love the "dark-side" we have the perfect plant for you that seems like it's coming out of a horror movie! They are called Cryptanthus  or "Black Mystic" and naturally have a black and white strips foilage!

It is such an interesting plant to add to your home! 

They originally come from South America and West Africa.

They will grow to a maximum of 20 cm (8") high. It is recommended to use a five or six-inch pot so the plant has enough space to grow. You can also use a plastic planter to help the plant retains moisture. 

The Black Mystic prefers moderate/diffuse light setting. 

They love soil that retains a lot of moisture, if you can get a special soil at the nursery/garden center. You can also make your own mixture with sand, peat and perlite. 

Be careful! Too much sunlight can cause bleached or sunburned areas on the plant. 

These plants thrive in temperatures 60-85 degrees Fahrenheit and can live indoor or outdoor. 

What do you think of this "Black Magic" plant?

Do you change your decor throughout the different seasons? 

Source: Diply