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The dog to adopt according to your zodiac sign

Discover your perfect match!

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If you're thinking of adopting a dog and wondering which breed would be most enjoyable for you to live with, turn to astrology!

Each sign has a dog breed that matches their personality. Discover the one you should turn to.

With Cancer: Afghan Hound

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This very affectionate dog will be delighted to receive lots of love and affection from its Cancer human. He is in great need!

With Aries: German Shepherd

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The German Shepherd, like Aries, is curious and courageous. This dog and its human will form a duo with a go-getter and energetic nature.

With Taurus: Saint Bernard

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The Saint Bernard has a friendly, calm, and gentle nature. This will perfectly suit the down-to-earth and home-loving nature of Taurus.

With Gemini: Siba Inu

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Gemini will love the bold, charming, and enthusiastic character of the Siba Inu. This dog is perfect for this human with an enigmatic personality.

With Scorpio: Husky

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Scorpio gets along perfectly well with the Husky, a dog that they particularly appreciate for its mysterious and enigmatic nature.

With Leo: Basenji

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With its aristocratic airs, the Basenji perfectly matches the expectations of the native of Leo.

With Virgo: Doberman

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The Doberman is intelligent and obedient and needs a human who will take charge of its education. The very disciplined and even manic Virgo is perfect for him.

With Libra: Pomeranian

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This dog will be in heaven in the arms of its Libra human, who will give it a lot of attention.

With Sagittarius: Vizsla

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Sharing joyful moments in vast open spaces with its Sagittarius master will fill the Vizsla with happiness.

With Capricorn: Rhodesian Ridgeback

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The intelligence of this animal, combined with its loyal and dignified side, makes it the ideal companion for Capricorn.

With Aquarius: Shih Tzu

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This small dog likes to be independent. This sums up Aquarius!

With Pisces: Pug

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The Pug is affectionate, playful, and charming. He will thrive with Pisces and this duo will quickly become inseparable.

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