The interior of this 400-square-foot tiny house is amazing and very surprising.

A house that would be perfect as a cottage!

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A surprising home!

Wildwood Lakefront Cottages is a vacation development on Lake Whatcom in Washington.

This elegant 400-square-foot tiny house is a cozy home with one bedroom and a generous loft space.

I share the photos with you because the interior is amazing and the house surprises us with its design.

400-square-foot could be perfect for a house!

Take a look!

Living room

We can't deny the fact that this tiny house is bright! This living room has a couch where three people can sit, and it looks very comfortable (unlike some in tiny houses) and a tall ceiling! It's a good start!

Dining room

This 400-square-foot tiny house has a small dining room! You will understand that the living room, the dining room and the kitchen are in one large open space but everything is so well decorated that it is very beautiful!


This photo shows you what the kitchen of this tiny house looks like. I like the color of the cabinets and you? I think it's perfect in this kitchen.

This photo gives you a good idea of the size of the room.


This small house has one bedroom, which you can see in the photo, and a sleeping loft.

Sleeping loft 

The sleeping loft is perfect for two people, preferably children, or young teens! Unlike some small sleeping lofts, the space to move in this room is more than reasonable!


The corridor leading to the bathroom offers storage (always appreciated) and a small laundry room is behind the blackboard. This blackboard is used to leave messages or to take notes.

The laundry room must be very appreciated!


The bathroom surprises me because it has a large shower! They used the same color as the kitchen cabinets! This is a great idea !

The colors are simple, creating a beautiful atmosphere in the home.


I must admit that I love the outside of this house; it gives the impression of a lovely cottage for holidays or a cottage to relax during weekends!

So? What do you think of this house? Do not you think that its ergonomics and design make it seem much bigger than 400 square feet? Feel free to leave us your impressions of the visit!