The interior of this old 1969 Airstream trailer impresses with its new decoration

A completely transformed trailer!

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A 1969 Airstream trailer

Marsha Heckman is the owner of this 29-foot 1969 Airstream, fully renovated and she is right to be proud of it.

Her 1969 Airstream was in the famous New York Times, one of the most impressive things about this vintage beauty is that Marsha and her husband found it abandoned on a country road.

As she explains on her Airbnb page (yes, you can rent the trailer!) The renovation of this Airstream was a "three generation family project". It took them one year to remove everything until the aluminum "walls" and then rebuild it.

Come discover the interior, you will probably be pleasantly surprised!

Good visit!

A vintage beauty!

The best part of this adventure is that the result of the transformation is exactly what Marsha and her family wanted.

Let's start the visit with the living room. It has been decorated in a minimalist style, very close to what we would have seen in the late 60s or early 70s. Don't you think that Don Draper could live in this Airstream?

The kitchen

The red kitchen is simply beautiful and certainly not something you see every day. It also features exotic wood countertops made by hand. I really love the little red fridge!

The kitchen, again

From the microwave to the toaster, even the sink is red! " I could do exactly what I wanted. I did a red kitchen, because every girl wants red shoes and, once in her life, a red kitchen." Marsha told the New York Times.

The dining area

The dishes remind us of another era, right? This little space is very cute! The tableware was made in San Francisco in a company that specializes in antique tableware.


The bedroom also has this vintage atmosphere. From the bedside lamps to the quilt, it looks like a bedroom of the '50s and' 60s.

The bedroom, again

Marsha thought of every smallest details, like this lamp "volcano".


The beautiful walls of the bathroom have been renovated and covered with an old map! Very cool!

Do you like it?

And? What do you think of the interior of this 1969 Airstream? I would like to have one, that's for sure! If you want more information to rent this trailer, click on the link at the end of the article.