The main reason that keeps you from losing weight is finally known! And this is not your diet!

As long as this is present, you will not lose weight!

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If you believe that to lose weight you have to eat less and move more, you are only partly right.

Exercising and eating balanced meals is not always enough ... especially if you live a lot of stress! Despite all your efforts and privations, your goals can be overcome by stress!

We already knew that stress makes us sick, but now we know that stress causes fattening by increasing levels of cortisol and insulin in the blood. Do you know what the signals that these 2 hormones send to your brainstock fats, we are stressed, we need all that fat to survive the end of the world!

So while physically you put all the effort to lose weight, your stress level - cortisol and insulin - does all it can to not lose a single ounce of your precious fat!

As if that was not enough, cortisol opens the appetite because its role is to protect you in situations of danger and survival. And eating is part of survival ...

When you are relaxed, your body draws its energy (its fuel) into the fat. By relaxed, I do not mean to be lying in front of the TV, I mean "stop being nervous!"!

But when you are stressed, cortisol blocks all this process. So, seek mental and physical relaxation at all costs to eliminate this devastating stress of your life that prevents you from losing weight as you wish.

Stress is not good for the heart and your mental health either, so consider activities like meditation, walking, yoga. [pub]