The new Crocs boots look ridiculous

You can't go unnoticed with these on your feet!

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Published 6 months ago
The new Crocs boots look ridiculous
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Crocs have been part of our universe for a long time, much to the delight of some and the dismay of others...

In addition to the classic holey shoes, we have seen the emergence over time of Crocs for dogs, Crocs handbags, Crocs high heels, Crocs wedding rings, and more.

And here come the gigantic boots! It's safe to say that we are far from the traditional rubber boot!

The company MSCH, which operates in the arts field, has partnered with Crocs to create this extravagant boot model.

The oversized yellow boots display the famous Crocs holes and have a strap that goes behind the heel.

It remains to be seen whether these giant shoes will become a trend or fall into oblivion.

Especially since they cost over $2000....

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Source: mschf