The new “peanut butter nails” trend is the most bizarre one so far!


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Published 2 years ago
The new “peanut butter nails” trend is the most bizarre one so far!
TikTok @ilysmnails

Getting their nails done is one of the great pleasures of life for many women. It’s a lovely relaxation to just sit back and let someone else paint and polish your nails carefully, knowing the result will be superb.

However, whereas before, you just chose a color and get a beautiful manicure. These days there are all kinds of weird nail trends like "tooth nails", "ultrasonic nails" and many more.

Lately people are losing their minds because of so called "peanut butter nails" which is exactly what the name suggests. Decorate your nails using the famous spread instead of real polish!

TikTok @ilysmnails

At first it seems quite strange. Why do we want to use food to paint our nails? And, does it work? Is it safe???

The trend was first spotted on @ilysmnails TikTok account, which highlights its fair share of unusual nail designs.

The video shows a woman placing a large dollop of peanut butter on her thumb before adding a piece of acrylic to it, crushing the spread.

 When acrylic is added, excess peanut butter drains under it. The next step is to scrape it off with a spoon. Then add more peanut butter by dipping your fingernail into the jar to fill in the bottom.

Check out the end result in the video below:

Honestly, in the end, the nail shows a nice neutral color, which surely already exists in the standard line of nail polish colors.

So the question is, is using peanut butter in the process really necessary? Isn't just buying a polish of a similar color in the store enough?

Although the video has received hundreds of thousands of "likes," the people in the comments section are somewhat disgusted by it all.

Internet users talked about the bad smells that were to occur, wondered about the potential mold or even, whether it could attract animals or ants!

What do you think of this latest trend?