The secret gardening hack you probably never heard of before: rusty nails.

This trick will help your plants grow strong and withstand climate changes!

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Here is a very unique gardening tip that you probably never heard before! Did you know that you can use rusty nails to help grow your garden?

This trick really works because rusty nails contain iron oxide - or sometimes referred to as ferric oxide - and as you might already know plants need iron!

Iron is an essential nutriments for plants, maybe not as much as phosphorus, nitrogen, and potassium, but it will help the plants grow strong and withstand climate changes.

How to use rusty nails to help your plants grow.


Before you start, you need to know that you must be careful while using rusty nails in the garden. It is best to use rusty nails in a container or make a homemade solution as you don't want any misplaced nails in your garden! This could lead to injury or damage that can be easily avoided. 

1. Rusty Nail Home Water Solution 

The best way to use rusty nails is to make a rusty nail "tea". You simply need to leave the nails in a large container filled with water for about six days. The water will then turn brown from the rust. You can then use that water solution to water your plants! 

2. Rusty Nails in a Container

If you wish to use this trick on plants that are growing in a container, you can simply put nails around the outside of the container. Ensure that the rustiest portion of nail is well inserted into the soil. As you water your plant, the iron will get into the foil and fertilize the plants growing in the container. 


Does it really work? 

Some gardeners believe that the iron produced by rusty nails is insoluble and therefore believe this trick is a myth. 

However, many other gardeners said that it help their fruit trees produce more and simply swear by this trick! 

You should try it for yourself and judge after! It will not harm your plants. 

Happy gardening!

Have you heard of this trick before? Will you give it a try?