The Smurfs' village really exists in real life!

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The Smurfs marked our childhood in the 80s and 90s. The memorable series is well-known of its mushroom shaped houses, little blue-skinned Smurfs and of course, their terrible enemy Gargamel! 

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But did you know that the famous village really exists in reality? It is located in Italy, in Liguria in the province of Savona. It was built between the 60s and 70s by Mario de Bernardi, a lover of architecture and bizarrely - mushrooms! 

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While there is no proof that the inspiration for building this village came from the Smurfs comics, it is certainly thanks to them that the place became famous. Indeed, tourists from all over Europe were going to visit the village in hope to give their children the fabulous Smurf experience.

Sadly, the village of Bardineo lost its splendor in the past few years. Many of the lovely structures are now in a state of neglect and disrepair, and its fame seemed tarnished forever.

Could there be a second life for their mushroom-shaped houses? Perhaps there is! Thanks to Instagram and the sharing of photos brought the village back to life: online photos began to travel the world and multiply, to the point of making this fairytale-worthy place famous again.

Today, it is not possible to even spend a night in the houses! Many parts of the village have been now been restored, to the delight of the many curious people who go to the middle of these woods to experience a day as a Smurf.

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