The way she cleans hard water spots off shower windows is the easiest... and the most efficient!

It works every time!

Tips and Crafts

We all love glass shower windows, don’t we all? Only when they are clean though. Let’s be honest, it does not happen that often.

Many times, you’ll find some white spots due to soap and limescale. The problem is that they are all over the windows and they don’t go off with your usual window cleaner.

Bring out the big guns! Go and get yourself some laundry softener. The same softener you add to your laundry will completely eliminate hard water spots that are on your shower windows. [pub]

  • Pour some fabric softener over a sponge and rub the hard water spots.
  • Take a damp cloth and rub the shower window with it.
  • Rinse and do the same with a dry cloth: the window will be glowing!

Another Tip

When I looked how to clean the limescale off shower windows, I also came across this other trick. Get some EasyOff, the product you use to clean the oven. For those who do not mind using this harmful product, simply spray the shower window, leave it for 2-3 minutes, then wipe with a paper towel. Rinse and wipe.

With some EasyOff, your shower windows are going to look brand new!