There are only two trailers like this in all the world

And this one is selling for $250 000!

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Discover this unique trailer!

Those who follow this site know that we are interested in all kinds of different types of homes: houses for sale, cottages, original houses, mini-houses, unique constructions, big houses, celebrity houses and also trailers and motorized vehicles!

Well, we have a really nice trailer to show you today!

It's not often that the words camping and mid-century modern (style) go together, but today is our lucky day for that!

This holiday trailer, called The Holiday House Geographic, is a 60's trailer that has a unique interior, with a mid-century modern style, very beautiful and different from what we find today in most trailers and recreational vehicles.

We invite you to discover the incredible interior of this 60s trailer and to learn more about the surprising story of this trailer that's up for sale for the price of 250 000 dollars!

Only 7!

There are only 2 trailers like this one still in existence. The Holiday House Geographic was designed by world-renowned industrial engineer Chuck Pelly. The trailer, made of aluminum, had a distinctive futuristic style. Pelly created The Holiday House Geographic as an extremely limited production model.

It has been dubbed the "trailer for the rich," with only seven models sold for $8,500 in the 1960s, or what would equal approx. $71,000 today. The factory that manufactured these caravans burned in 1962, which makes this trailer one of the rarest on the market! See the interior in the next pictures!

The living room

Flyte Camp, a company in Oregon that specializes in restoring old caravans, has restored this one, preserving its unique style (from the 60s) while modernizing it with all modern necessities. Flyte Camp has renovated the exterior and we must admit, it's now quite a gem! See what the living room looks like! Remember that the goal was to preserve the retro style of the 60s!

Premium materials

The trailer has walnut almost everywhere inside, which gives it a chic and comfortable atmosphere. The kitchen cabinets, also walnut, with aluminum details. There is a strip of LED lights to add a little glamour to the whole atmosphere. The sleek kitchen includes a two-burner stainless steel cooking plate, a stainless steel refrigerator and a sink in the same style. Stainless steel gives an overall modern touch to it all.

For sale for $250,000!

Due to its rarity and numerous renovations, this 1961 model is selling for $250,000. The price is comparable to many large motor vehicles that are for sale these days, but this unique trailer also provides a dose of nostalgia from the 60s era.


The bathroom is divided into two parts; one side serves as a wardrobe for clothes while the other side has a toilet area and a shower in stainless steel with teak flooring.

Other photos

These photos give you a better overview of the bathroom.

Camping lovers

Are there any camping enthusiasts here? Did you know the story of this famous trailer? Would you like to travel in a trailer like this? The price is expensive, certainly, but we can appreciate its uniqueness and the impressive restoration work!