These 10 cooking tips will save you time and money

I did not know the trick to cut the cheese easily! Ingenious!

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Cooking is fun, but sometimes we would like to save time and energy.

There are a lot of tips that works and that can be very useful in the kitchen.

Here are several tips that surprised us and we could not do without them!

You will not be able to do without them!

Grate the butter!

This is a very useful tip if your butter is too cold and too hard to be mixed with the other ingredients.

Grated butter is perfect for several recipes ... Yummy baked potatoes!

A piece of shell that falls to the bottom of the bowl when you crack eggs, it happens to everyone!

To easily get the eggshell, use a half eggshell to remove it from the bowl! No more fingers in the bowl!

Use unflavored floss to perfectly slice a cake or cheese.

There is also thread specially designed to cut the cheese, but floss gives the same result!

Before squeezing a lemon, roll it on a hard surface. You will get more lemon juice!

This stuff works with all types of citrus fruit.

Do you have too much tomato sauce or tomato paste?

Freeze it in an ice cube tray in small individual portions and you'll always have it on hand!

You had to think about it!

When you microwave your pasta dishes (or any other meal!), Make a hollow in the middle so that the heat is distributed evenly!

Your lettuce can stay fresh for at least a week with this great tip!

Place a sheet of paper towel on top of a bowl of lettuce and cover with plastic wrap. The paper towel will absorb excess water and prevent it from softening too quickly.

When cooking fish on barbecue grills, place on lemon slices.

Your fish will have a good taste thanks to the lemon, but the lemon prevents the fish from slipping and and your barbecue grill will be easier to clean!

No need to throw the crystallized honey in the bottom of the pot! Boil some water and place the pot of honey in hot water.

It will get back its original unctuous appearance!

I did not know most of these tips and you? Share them with your friends! They could be useful to several people!