These 11 Christmas crafts will make your neighbors jealous of your Christmas decorations!

11 crafts easy to reproduce!

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In this article you will find 11 DIY projects, even the most grumpy of your neighbors will love them, because they are so festive!

Do you have trouble getting into the holiday spirit?

It's certainly not the holiday shopping and the big expenses that will make you find the Christmas feeling!

But create decorations, cook delicious Christmas cookies while listening to the music of the holiday season ....

That will make you relive your childhood!

Here are 11 Christmas crafts that will make even your most grumpy neighbors, envious and jealous of your decorations!

1) Use acrylic paint to paint Christmas ornaments! Cut out the ears in felt!

Source: DecoArt

2) Get the vegetable containers, packaged salads to make beautiful light garlands representing candies!

Source: Oh Happy Day

3) Use acrylic paint to paint terra cotta pots and a hot glue gun to glue plastic necklace beads.

Source: The Best Ideas For Kids

4) Bend vines and use chicken wire to make beautiful, rustic-looking decorations!

Source: Occasionally Crafty

5) Use figurines, sweets, small Christmas trees and Epsom Salt to make pretty decorations to put on the mantel!

Source: Design Improvised

6) Make Christmas place cards! Use red and white striped rope for the occasion!

Source: My Uncommon Slice Of Suburbia

7) Use metal supports to make a rustic decoration! Paint this beautiful candy cane in white and red with a paint for metal surfaces! A giant candy so different!

Source: Domestically Speaking

8) Drill a cardboard cone and glue marbles with E6 000 glue. Allow to dry for a minimum of 24 hours. Then use a night-light with LED bulbs to reflect the colors!

Source: Vitamini Handmade

9) Get the K-cups to make adorable little hats to hang in the Christmas tree!

Source: Pitter And Glink

10) Glue Christmas baubles on a straw wreath with a hot glue gun!

Source: The Happier Homemaker

11) Wrap green wire around a paper cone covered with plastic wrap. You can then apply several layers of translucent glue or Mod Pode on the wire to make it rigid and then remove the paper cone!

Source: Domestically Blissful