These 20 great ideas for decorating the house for a party with balloons, cardboard or fabrics are fantastic !

Ideas for everyone!

Tips and Crafts

Everyone can decorate with balloons! Sometimes it only takes a few pieces of cardboard, sticks or even scrap fabrics to complete the project.

Here are 20 party decoration ideas to inspire you:

1) Welcome the guests by making huge lollipops with balloons! Put wooden or PVC sticks into the ground. And wrap balloons with plastic wrap. Then add pretty colorful ribbons!

2) Decorate the door of the house like a princess castle door! You just need few materials and the children will be amazed by the idea !!

3) Make a giant ice cream with balloons of different sizes and colors! Use birthday banners to decorate the ice cream!

4) Use balloons, embroidery thread and fishing line (nylon thread) to make beautiful hot air balloons to decorate a birthday party or a baby shower!

5) Beach balls and rubber rings will make a perfect arch to decorate the entrance of a super party !!!

6) Are you inviting friends to sleep for a Pajama Party? With 4 pieces of wood (or broomstick) and flat sheets or fitted sheets, you can make a Tipi! Add LED Christmas lights and the kids will love it!

7) A perfect idea for a baby shower! Pink if you know that the baby will be a girl, and blue for a boy, yellow if you do not know the sex. Or with the colors of the baby's room!

8) Make a party outside is great too ! Ask your local grocer if he/she does not have boxes to give you! And transform them into carts to watch a movie in the evening!

9) A wonderful idea to decorate a party !

10) What an adorable idea to decorate balloons, with pieces of paper and a Sharpie permanent marker!

11) Does your princess want a real princess party ? Here is an idea to make a beautiful table !

Tulle and white LED lights!

12) By color ! LED lights to avoid heat, colored balloons, glitter and tulle! A magnificent project !

13) The tablecloths are ultra light and very easy to cut ! Here is a great way to decorate a ceiling !

14) Decorate a garden by adding glowing sticks in balloons! That's wonderful !

15) As simple as this idea, make a big garlands with string and balloons will be a very nice and simple way to decorate a big room !

16) Cut dinosaur heads, legs and tails in colored cardboard and then stick them on balloons ! A GENIUS idea !

17) When white balloons look like simple clouds ! It's simple but beautiful !

18) All these helium balloons put in the lawn have an incredible effect in a garden ! A wonderful idea!

19) One of the most beautiful decorating ideas with balloons! Simply cover them with tulle after inflating them with helium! Add artificial flowers! WOW!

20) This idea is not stupid! Here's a great way to make Cinderella's carriage!