These 20 people took the risk of cutting their own hair during coronavirus lockdown!

We bet these people are regretting their decision to try to be hairstylist!

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Needless to say, we are in a period of confinement and the beauty salons are currently keeping their doors closed. But even during this time, our hair is still growing and some people who are confined have taken the risk of taking care of their mops themselves! Or even worse, by trusting them to a relative with them at home!

And some of their experiences undoubtedly demonstrate the validity of the existence of professional hairdressers!

Doubtful shades, bald spots, totally asymmetrical haircuts… special coronavirus haircuts gives us at least have something to laugh about!

Here are the photos of 20 courageous people who dared to have their hair cut and then decided to share the results on social networks!

After seeing them, tell us if you are going to dare doing the same?!

1. When the clipper breaks down during the haircut...

2. A very original haircut.

3. "My mother tried to give a fade haircut. Pray for all the men who have their hair cut at home during confinement." (Admit that you are thinking of something else while looking at this man from behind)

4. A sister is very satisfied with the "containment" cut that she gave her brother. We do not know if the latter has the same opinion. 

5. Anyone who has already made a bald spot like this is no longer entitled to criticize the professionals!

6. He entrusted his head to his wife. Isn't that what love is?

7. We hope he won't launch a new fashion trend! 

8. He ALMOST looks satisfied with the hair creation of his wife! 

9. Another fail fade haircut!

10. Don't trust anyone with a hair clipper!

11. Her first attempt to cut during coronavirus was not convincing. At least she has some room left! It's not all bad! 

12. How to traumatize your son ... (but hey, since he doesn't go out in public, it's okay!)

13. How to describe this haircut? 

15. It looks bad from all angles! Sorry! 

16. Not really straight but not bad at all!

17.  The first attempt was a fail! 

18. This is not what he had in mind! 

19. This haircut is called coronavirus! 

20. Who cut this man's hair?!