These common problems can be solved with shower rings!

It's crazy all you can do with it!

Tips and Crafts

Shower curtain rings can help you solve these problems!

There are so many different designs for shower curtain hooks and rings these days that it's nice to change the old ones to give a new look to our decor.

But what to do with our old curtain hooks and rings?

You will be surprised to see all the things we can do with these shower curtain rings and hooks!

Come take a look!

Organize jewelry

Hang the hooks or rings from a metal rod or even a hanger and hang your jewelry and accessories from them.

The drawers

If you're tired of grabbing the edges of your cabinets and drawers and damaging your nails because the doors are difficult to open, you can use rings to make them easier to grasp!

Hang pots!

Place a tension rod or a rail in your kitchen and use curtain hooks to hang your pots and save space in your kitchen cabinets. Great idea!

For the shower

Hang all the items you need in the shower. The idea of the small basket hung with shower rings is very good!

For the closet

Use curtain hooks and rings in your closet to securely hang all kinds of objects in this one! Very handy for brooms!

For hair elastics

Keep all your rubber bands together with a simple curtain ring!

For scarves

You can wrap some curtain rings with wool and place them on a hanger to make sure your scarves stay in place. You can also skip this step and simply pull your scarf through a curtain ring to hang it.

To hang pants

Hang your shorts or pants with their belt loops with a few curtain rings to save space in your closets. They will take up less space than if you fold them.

Play games!

Take some bottles of water, transform them (so that it's more fun) and use your curtain rings for a game of ring-toss! It's like being in a fair!

For the kitchen

Use a curtain ring around the handle of your oven and pull your tea towel through it or hang your pot holder!


Hang a plastic basket on a shower rod to keep bath toys and other items tidy in the shower! This thing is perfect if you have young children who have a lot of bath toys.

For the bras

You can use this tip if you want your bra to hold their shape.

For caps

And why not do the same thing with caps?

It's crazy all you can do with these curtain hooks and rings!