These elderly ladies have crochet their entire village!

The final result is so impressive! Everything from houses, rivers and even vegetable patch is made out of wool!

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Whether you like crochet or not, this story is truly fascinating! May Aticheson from Northern Ireland created the Cloughmills Crochet Club just 7 years ago. 

May and the other ladies from the club decided to reproduce their entire small village on a crochet hook and the result is simply breathtaking. The club has 30 members and was created to help eldery ladies to socialize and develop their manual skills. We can say that it really worked!

They even used wool to make small homes, streets, the river, animals, and even vegetable gardens.

Here are pictures of this unique and spectacular project. 

1. Look at the remarkable work of the ladies of the Cloughmills Crochet Club! Impressive, isn't it?

2. The animals, the grass, the trees - everything was done using a hook. You can even see a scarecrow crochet with wool.

3. Here is the village church, whose crochet work is admirable. On the left we see a figure who appears to be a priest dressed in a red dawn.

4. The river, which flows between the houses, is identical to the village one. Really impressive.

5. Look at this vegetable garden! One might almost think the vegetables are real.

6. To make their crochet village, the ladies took pictures of buildings first and then they started to build houses with cereal boxes.

7. Once the village was finally finished, the ladies realized that it was so big that it no longer passed through the doors! So it stayed at the town hall, where the population can admire it. 

8. Here they are! The famous crochet ladies!

What do you think of their work? It is truly impressive!