These everyday objects will make your life easier!

You had to think about it!

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Sometimes we think that we have to spend monye to buy objects that will make our life easier, but it's not true.

I share with you examples of objects, items, that you have at home, and that can be use in different ways!

The goal is always to make your life easier!

Are you curious to discover these objects?


First object

A rubber band! It's crazy but did you know that you could use it to remove the excess paint from your brush?

Second object

The famous shower caps that you can buy in pharmacies, can be used to protect your shoes if it's raining outside and you are going for a walk with your dog! You could also use it if you are gardening!

Third object

Place a piece of tape on top of a container. This will help you remove the excess of cocoa powder, flour, sugar or other substances.

Fourth object

The coffee filters can be placed in the bottom of flower pots.

Fifth object

An old bottle of sunscreen, cleaned, is a good place to hide valuables.

Sixth object

Don't you have an ice bucket? A colander in a larger dish, is perfect! It's not worth buying a bucket that will take up space in your cabinets!

Seventh object

A hair clip is so convenient to store the cord of a hair straightener, a hair dryer or other electrical devices!

Eighth object

Do you receive guests? Do you want to add a special touch to your table? Why not use upside down wine glasses as candle holders? There are so many possibilities!

Ninth object

Your doors creak? A little cooking spray and voila!

Tenth object

Are you tired of the mess in the drawers of your bathroom? A plastic cutlery tray will do the job! You can even write the name of the children in each compartment!

Eleventh object

Are you going on a trip? The plastic boxes and the eyeglass cases are very useful! What do you think of storing your makeup in eyeglass cases and your camera in a plastic soap box?

Twelfth object

A wire basket could be nice to store the hair dryer! Don't you think?

My favorite tip

I leave you with my favorite tip to store our flip flops! Very good idea, right? I hope you'll use these tips everyday!