These nine birds are absolutely incredible!

These are real gifts from mother nature

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1. Glistening-Green Tanager 

These type of bird are so bright, they almost look like they could glow in the dark! They can be found in the forests of Columbia and Ecuador. And no, they are not photoshopped, these are their real bright green color! 

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2. Rosefinches

An absolutely majestic bird, the Rosefinches are always pink. They vary from bright to pastel pink depending of the species. You can find these pretty much anywhere, expect North America, what a bummer! 

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3.  Gloster Canary

This specie look like they have a bowl cut! How adorable! Meet Barry, a famous Gloster Canary. 

4. Tiny Bird

These little tiny birds look like cotton balls! They are absolutely adorable and are called Long-Tailed Tit. They are mostly found in Europe and Asia. These specie will only grow to be about 13-15 cm (5-6 in) long! And that includes the tail! 

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5. Mountain Bluebird

Did you know that blue bird exist in the nature? They are probably the most majestic birds! They are so bright and fluffy! These little cuties are mostly found in North America, yes that is US and Canada! They are a magnificent sign that spring is coming, what else can we ask for?  However, if you are lucky enough to see one, be careful as they are known to be agressive birds! 

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6. Black-throated bushtit

Yes, that is the real name of this incredible specie! Words cannot describe this beautiful bird, take a look at the pictures below!

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Bored Panda
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7. Violet-Backed Starling

Another beautiful colorful bird, the violet-backed starling. To see these beautiful purple birds, you will have to go to Africa! They are omnivores and will eat whatever they find, worms or berries! 

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8.  Red Avadavat

Also called 'Strawberry Finches'  can you guess why? Yes, they look like strawberries!  They can be found in tropical parts of Asia. 

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9. Bearded Reedling

These bird are so small with a long tail making them absolutely adorable! They are very unique and have black mustache-like markings and when flying they look like they are doing the split!

Which one is your favourite?