This 100% natural mosquito repellent in a Mason jar is very effective and easy to make

All-natural mosquito repellant

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Nothing ruins a beautiful summer evening, a BBQ or a picnic like an invasion of mosquitos! They annoy everyone, guests are protecting themsleves in order not to suffer painful bites . . .

Spraying everyone with chemicals is not a good option if you want to keep mosquitoes away. They spread an unpleasant odor and are extremely harmful for human and environmental health. And we do not want that !

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Here is a natural way to keep mosquitoes away.

Try this simple mosquito repellant mason jar. The main ingredient is lemon eucalyptus oil, which is recommended by the CDC as an effective all-natural bug repellant.

Here's what you need :

- 1 or 2 lemon wedges

- 1 or 2 lime wedges

- A few sprigs of rosemary

- Water (fill the rest of the jar with water)

- 7 to 10 drops of lemon eucalyptus oil

- Floating candles

- A Mason jar

You can find lemon eucalyptus oil on Amazon and floating candles in a craft store like Michael.

How to proceed :

Put all the ingredients in the Mason jar.

Place a candle on top of the mixture.

Place the jar outside 5 minutes before you go outside and light the candle.

For large spaces, prepare several Mason jars.

Change the candle when it is necessary.

source : Ray @ Tip Hero

You can also put lemongrass in a jar and drill a hole in the lid to insert a long wick.

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This method will keep mosquitoes away, even if you are a real "mosquito magnet". It is a small investment of time and money to avoid all these ugly bites that itch for days and nights !

This will also prevent you from covering yourself and you children with expensive chemicals that are sometimes ineffective.

Thus, you can enjoy your summer in peace and your guests will thank you for your kind attention.

However, your parties may become so popular that people will want to be invited again and again !

Now that you know the all-natural mosquito repellant, we wish you a very nice summer !