This 128-square-foot cottage is very well designed, take a look by yourself.

Discover the interior of this 128 square foot tiny house!

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Tennessee Tiny Homes is an American company that specializes in building tiny homes. These are beautiful, efficient and perfect for people looking to downsize and try to live in a smaller space.

When I saw this house, I was impressed! The interior is really nice and I think that this tiny house could be a lovely cottage for a single person or a couple.

I invite you to take a look at the pictures and tell me if you think the same thing as me.

Enjoy !


The outside is beautiful. The tiny house already has a "cottage" style !

House on wheels

Also known as the "Shoebox", the tiny house sits on a towable trailer, allowing homeowners to move their home to a different location when they want.

The model boasts metal roofing, natural wood interior, and fully-customized siding.


Once inside the tiny house, it is obvious that the beauty is not limited to the exterior. The company that makes this tiny house, offers laminate flooring and countertops. I love the contrast of dark floor and white walls and you ?

The living room

The living room has plenty of natural light and features furniture that is functional, practical, and beautiful.

The built-in futon converts from a sofa to a bed, with only a few extra cushions and a panel that folds up and down. The designers also made sure to include plenty of shelving for storage, and building the shelves into the wall saves space and makes the room feel less cluttered.

The kitchen

The kitchen was cleverly designed to maximize space and functionality.

The minimalist design of the kitchen is perfectly suited to the 128-square-foot space. The kitchen has a sink, a portable electric stove and a heater; the luxury model of this home includes granite countertops, a propane stove and large fridge. The wooden blocks cover both the sink and the stove; to provide additional counter space when needed.


The black and white bathroom is narrow, but it has every amenity you could need. How much time do we spend in the bathroom anyway? The 32-inch by 32-inch shower stall is equipped with an on-demand tankless hot water heater, so you never have to worry about cold showers.

Sleeping loft 

A ladder between the kitchen and the living room provides access to the sleeping loft.

The vaulted ceilings in the sleeping loft provide enough space for the occupants to sit. Circular skylights are perfect for letting in natural light or stargazing before going to bed. The loft has been designed to accommodate a queen-sized bed.

This is the end of the visit. What do you think of the interior ? Don't you think it would be a wonderful cottage ? A cottage for two people or for a single person, of course !