This artist helps kids with flat-head syndrome by painting their helmets!

The results are so impressive! Anyone would want to wear these helmets!

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This artist helps kids with flat-head syndrome by painting their helmets!

Flat-head syndrome is a condition that affects as many as 1 in 10 children and causes flat spots on their precious little heads. The good news is that it is completely reversible, the only downside is the child has to wear a medical helmet for a certain period. However, the condition has to be caught before the skull has completely hardened. 

The children are often times quite sad to have to wear that ugly thing on their heads. But artist Paula Strawn found a way to put a smile on their face! She started created real masterpieces by painting their helmets. 

Take a look at her amazing creations below:

Look at that beautiful smile!

Like father, like son - two hockey fans!

She also created beautiful floral design for this little ballerina!

Look at this adorable little aviator! He even has a co-pilot.

The pilot helmet seems to be a favourite! Look at this little buddy's smile!

This tiara design is perfect for the little princesses out there!

She even created personalized helmets with baby's name on it.

This little superhero is so adorable!

This little boy is wearing a helmet inspired by their favourite spot in the desert.

There is even dolls available with helmets, so babies wearing helmet are represented! They will feel less left-out with this genius idea.

But the best news is when they get to graduate from wearing the helmet with a well-rounded head. Thanks to this amazing artists, their experience was a little bit better!

Did you know about this condition? Was any of your kids affected?