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This charging cable could steal your private data.

Be careful! It looks like any other cable.

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Who is worried of a simple cable, when the time comes to charge their device? Yet do you know that the O.MG cable hides a keylogger and other options to steal data from the device it charges.

The accessory was invented by cybersecurity researcher Mike Grover for the purpose of testing. However, it can be bought online for a few weeks now, for less than $200.

Mike Gover intended it for other specialists in his field wishing to perform tests to better secure the IT infrastructures in their environment.

The cable in question allows devices to be manipulated in a limited way, inserting malicious code. It has the capacity to store up to 650,000 keystrokes in memory, thanks to a keylogger.

When the cable is plugged in, it can activate some options from a distance of up to 2 km.

The keylogger is a device for recording the keys typed on a keyboard. This technology has been used for decades by cybercriminals who try to steal sensitive data (passwords, credit card numbers, etc.)

In order to function, the keylogger must have access to the targeted computer. It can come in the form of malware, or a physical device plugged into a USB port. It is much more discreet than a USB stick.

This dangerous cable can look like the most popular regular cables, so it's easy for a share to replace a cable or even lend one to a "friend" unfamiliar with the technology.

On the online store offering the O.MG cable, no warnings are displayed and nothing is in place to validate the reasons for the purchase.

This gadget is not illegal, however, its malicious use (such as spying or stealing data) can be a criminal act in some countries such as Canada.

Vigilance is essential. You shouldn't use just any cable to plug in electronic devices and, when working with sensitive data, you shouldn't leave our cables lying around, which could easily be swapped out for an O.MG ...

You should probably think twice before charging your phone some place else than home...