This “dilation chart” helps people understand that giving birth is no piece of cake!

We do not call it “labor” for nothing!

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When we're expecting a child, one day or another, the word "dilation" enters our vocabulary. This slightly abstract word indicates that the miracle of birth will occur after 10 cm. When a woman is in "labor", she is kept informed on the evolution of the dilation of her cervix. But it's still a difficult thing to visualize!

That's why a tool can help us get an idea of the incredible change happening down there...

The dilation begins at 1 cm, the size of a Cheerios, and goes all the way to 10 cm, which can be represented by a bagel.

There is a dilation chart, which few of us have had the chance to see.

A photo of this wooden "chart" was shared on Facebook by the SCV Birth Center, a clinic for pregnant women. This tool helps women visualize what midwives and doctors tell them during labor. It is also a practical teaching tool for midwives and doctors.

Whelp - that's what 10 centimeters looks like - just perfect for that little head.

Posted by SCV Birth Center on Sunday, April 7, 2019

Steffanie Christi'an saw the publication and shared it with the following caption: "This is what a 10 cm dilation looks like. That's why we deserve absolutely everything. " Her message quickly went viral - understandably, when you think of the number of women in the world who face the harsh and awesome reality of childbirth.

As we can see, it isn't called "labor" for nothing! Let's take off our hats to all moms!

Renee Sicignano

Some gentlemen still commented on the posts, saying that the woman's body was made for giving life and that we shouldn't make such a fuss... Hum.

What do you think of this tool? Does the chart help you put things into perspective?

If you're expecting a baby, does the image scare you or reassure you? Would you have thought that 10 cm in circumference, looked like that?

But do not worry, future moms. It is said that one forgets all the pains of childbirth. Well, almost...