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This garden located in Iowa is a true “Ladybug” dream!

The final result is so pretty!

Tips and Crafts

Jeanne Sammons from the website Flea Market Gardening was driving around one summer when she saw the most beautiful "Ladybug garden". Located in Unionville, Iowa, the garden is actually made from an old Volkswagen Beetle! 

Photo : Flea Market Gardening

This creative idea was realized by the Snodgrass sisters who created this beautiful garden at the town's crossroads. Every season, they change the decorations to reflect the weather and it has really become a local attraction!

Photo : Flea Market Gardening

The Snodgrass sisters created the "Love Bug" by removing the hard top from the Beetle. They then filled it with dirt and are now planting a garden in it every season. Since they started this project, they also created smaller bugs to create the cutest little Bug family ever.

Photo : Flea Market Gardening

If you would like to replicate this idea in your own garden, you will have to find a discarded VW bug. People have commented to look on VW Facebook pages where you could even find free ones! They might not be running but they make great flower planters! Start searching now if you wish to accomplish this craft before the summer. 

As for the smaller bugs, they are VW toy pedal cars and can be found mostly at yard sales or from collectors. You can also find them online on Ebay. They might not come at a cheap price but are totally worth it to create the perfect Bug family! 

Photo : Ebay

What do you think of this craft? It is really impressive! It's a great project to take on before the summer.