This is the best way to easily get rid of fruit flies

No more fruit flies!

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Nice weather makes us happy, of course. What makes us less happy, however, are the small fruit flies that fly around our bananas and fruits on the kitchen countertop or in front of our face when we eat ! Fruit flies are disgusting and annoying !

Fruit flies love the heat and can survive up to 30 days at a temperature of 29 degrees .


They love crushed, ripe or damaged fruits, so fruit baskets, trash cans and even wine glasses are their favorite spots.

It is annoying, even disgusting and apart avoid eating tasty fruits in summer, we do not really know what to do ! We do not want to live with these bugs ! And these tiny flies reproduce really fast !

Calm down ! There is an effective and very inexpensive method to get rid of these fruit flies ! You probably do not even need to go in store, you have everything you need at home !

Here's how to do it :

1. In a bowl, mix 1 part vinegar and 1 part honey.

2. Add a few drops of detergent. (The flies will be attracted by vinegar and honey, but the detergent will soften the mixture and the flies will drown!)

Place the dish where you see fruit flies and they will all be gone soon !

source : Youtube / Beautyof Garden

Replace the mixture as needed.

This method to get rid of fruit flies is easy , cheap , natural and efficient !

You can now enjoy your aperitif, your picnic or your barbecue with friends without having fruit flies flying in front of your face.

And you will not be bothered to see flies flying around your bananas and strawberries. The trash won't be a problem either.

But do not let food, cakes, candies . . . on your kitchen countertop, if you do not want to have fruit flies in your house.

Who would have thought it could be so quick and easy to get rid of fruit flies ?

Have a nice summer without fruit flies !