This man found an easy and safe way to remove snow from a roof

Avoid accidents with this method!

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Removing snow from the roof during a storm is certainly not on the list of things people like to do.

The process can be dangerous and exhausting! That's why this trick will completely change the way you think about this winter chore.

In this video, a man attaches ropes to strategic places on the roof of a house.

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Once he's back down, he simply pulls the rope.

This causes a small avalanche. This is awesome!

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Notice that this process probably won't work for houses with a flat roof, unless you have a superhuman strength.

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It is suggested to install the ropes on the roof before the snow falls, so you don't have to face the slippery and icy conditions after a heavy snowfall.

The snow is heavy on a roof and it can be dangerous.

It's hard to know how much your roof can support, but House Logic's experts report that "six inches of wet snow equals the weight of about 38 inches of dry snow." This gives an idea of the heaviness of the snow!

So, if your area is experiencing a heavy snowfall, it is definitely time to take this rope and get rid of the excess snow!

Check out this video to learn how to do it: