This modern house is actually an old barn built in 1901 that has been transformed

A transformation that will astound many!

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A barn from 1901!

This traditional rural barn built in 1901 in Ă–sterlen, Sweden, has been transformed into a surprisingly modern country house.

The roof structure has been reinforced and the facade has been insulated from the inside. The spacious 4,200 square foot interior is divided into 7 rooms, including 4 bedrooms.

Wooden beams and wood-paneled ceilings add a rustic touch that celebrates the original character of the building. There are high ceilings of 22 feet in the main living room and a large dining room and open kitchen.

When looking at this house, it's hard to believe that the building dates from 1901!

I invite you to take the tour!


Before you visit the inside, here are some pictures of the very large wooden outdoor terrace. As it is an old barn, it is surrounded by vast farmland.


Lovers of the sleek modern style will certainly appreciate the decor of this converted barn.

From the entrance, visitors are welcomed by concrete floors, white beams and a quaint little sitting area with a fireplace: do not worry, the main living room is located elsewhere in the house and the room is gigantic!

Kitchen, dining room

Do you find this room impressive or...not at all? I must admit that I find the raised ceiling quite monumental, however, despite the fact that the room's decor uses much of the ceiling's height, I still find it lacks a bit of vitality, don 't you?

Living room

The living room is also part of the huge open area of this converted barn. The fireplace that rises all the way up to the ceiling is definitely the focal point of this room!


Here is a picture of one of the rooms in this modern house. Minimalist amateurs will undoubtedly appreciate this uncluttered decor of this room.


Unfortunately, I do not have all the pictures of the bathrooms in this house but these show you that the decor is very similar to the rest of the house. Can you believe that this building was once a barn?


Even the room that serves as an office is refined to the maximum!

Other photos

Do you find this transformation was successful or would you have liked to see more historical elements preserved in this transformation? I have the impression that 50% of people will love the new barn and the rest not at all! I can not wait to see what you think!