This mother builds a house with ideas found on YouTube

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Cara Brookins was just leaving from domestic violence situation, when she was looking for a new home for her and her four children.

The family decided to build their own house.

Awkward Mom website reports that Ms. Brookins and her children built their mansion with tutorials found on YouTube.

The 3,500-square-foot house called "The Inkwell Manor" has five bedrooms and cost about $130,000 to build. Money that Cara Brookins was able to get from the sale of her former property.

The mother therefore bought an acre of land near Little Rock, Arkansas, as well as the materials needed to build her house.

"Once I bought all the equipment and was stacked on the ground, I knew I could not go back. We did not have money to hire builders. There was no plan B, "she told CBS News.

Except the help from a local firefighter who was paid $25 an hour, Cara Brookins and her kids built everything themselves.

Cara Brookins

"My biggest fear was that my teenagers refuse and answer me" No, I do not do that ".

Cara Brookins

Cara Brookins

"It was the first time they felt in control of their lives. And they knew they needed it."

Cara Brookins

The construction of the house took a total of nine months and the family moved in March 2009.