This mother gets an old baby bed to make a living room furniture

But why did not I think about it?

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This mother gets an old baby bed to make a living room furniture

Lydia is a clever and economical girl who doesn't like to waste her money ... She has always tried in every possible way to reuse things that are no longer used in order to give them a second life.

So, when she saw this old baby bed covered with dust in the back of the garage, this passionate about DIY immediately activated her neurons.

What followed is completely impressive! Few people would have thought of changing a baby crib into a brand new sofa for the living room.

After seeing her project, you will never want to throw anything away ... Just in case;)

* Basically, it makes sense! Why throw all that wood that can still be used?

* The pieces were cut, rearranged and assembled to form a perfect base for a sofa ... The process was relatively simple :)

* Before starting the final step of painting, she placed some cushions to see the result - The cat thinks that this beautiful sofa is made for him :)

* She enjoyed the result, so she took her paintbrush ... A dark gray was chosen to enhance the piece of furniture to the maximum (note that a primer was previously applied).

* Here is the sofa painted ... beautiful isn't it?

* With a twin mattress and decorative cushions, this handmade sofa adds a shabby chic style to the decoration ... Very nice result!

Source / images: Remodelaholic

We will think twice before throwing our old junk ... Imagine all the possibilities they offer to decorate our house for a small price :)