This restaurant will stay open on Christmas day to serve food to homeless people for free !

What a generous gesture for the people in need!

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A recent study confirms that one in every 200 people in UK will spend Christmas without a home. The homelessness crisis in the country continues to increase, new statistics show a record of temporary accommodation need. 

In the middle of the rise in homelessness across the Welsh capital, the restaurant Victoria Fish Bar announced on Facebook that its taking action to give back during this holiday season. The restaurant located in Whitchurch, Cardiff, UK will offer free food to those most in need on December 25th, from 12 to 3pm.  Their Facebook message is really heartwarming: 

Photo : Facebook

"Homelessness has been on a rise in Cardiff and we think we need to make a difference as influential members of this community.

Hence on Christmas day 12-3pm, we shall be open for all homeless, elderly and vulnerable people, providing free meals to all those who come.

We realise that not everybody has the luxury to have a nice warm meal at a loved one’s house with family and friends, so we will try very hard on the day to emulate such an experience.

So to those who are homeless, elderly or vulnerable, come and join us and we can experience this great time together."

Photo : Facebook

Since their announce on Facebook, the post been shared over thousands of times.

We really admire this initiative and wish more establishment would join this movement!