This tiny house measures only 26 square meters and yet its interior is amazing

A house with a different decor and beautiful details!

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A 26 square meters house

This tiny 26 square meter house was designed by American architect Chris Heininge.

It's not very big 26 square meters and yet, Chris has managed to give this tiny home an interior quite amazing!

The house offers a pleasant decor and details. This house even has a very nice bathroom.

I invite you to step inside and discover the different interior of this house.

Good visit!

Living room

We enter directly into the living room with this sofa that turns into a bed for two people. Notice how much the little house has beautiful details! There is also plenty of storage under the bed, in the bedside table and even under the steps! It is good to know that this bed is not the master bedroom: it's only for the guests!

The kitchen

The kitchen is really amazing! The kitchen has a small refrigerator, a sink, a microwave, a hob and storage in the cabinets and drawers. A small dining table shares the kitchen space and serves as a dining area. You can even watch TV while eating!


As I mentioned before, the little house is equipped with lots of storage! We can see the fireplace under the steps. See how Chris paid attention to the small details of this house!


The bathroom is right next to the kitchen. This one still has a tub with jets! There is a sink with a cupboard in front of the bathtub. You can put a washer and a dryer.


The room is surprising! This one is in the sleeping loft. There is also a big bed and storage for clothes. Don't you think it's a very nice bedroom? We are far from the tiny sleeping loft that we sometimes see in tiny-homes where residents barely have room to sit in their bed.


The best thing is that the house can be moved quite easily. The roof as well as some parts of the house can be disassembled to facilitate the transportation of this house. I would see this house as a small cottage on a lot. You can find this house on the website: The basic price is US $ 79,000.

This home is certainly part of my top 10 of the most beautiful tiny houses ! And you ? What do you think of it ?