This very ingenious mom fixes zip tie on the wheel of her stroller! Why did not I think about that before !?

Must think about it!

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This very ingenious mom fixes zip tie on the wheel of her stroller! Why did not I think about that before !?

Baby strollers are also more equipped with all kinds of gadgets and they are performing more and more, but they are still imperfect!

And when you're a very active parent, it can be interesting to add small changes to your stroller to make the most of our outdoor walkings or wherever we go!

Here are 11 great tips forpimpinga baby stroller so that mom and dad can enjoy it to the fullest!

1) Grandma and Grandpa always forget the steps to close the stroller? Apply stickers on the specific locations of the steps to follow to help them!

2) Retrieve a shoe holder and cut 2 sections

With self-adhesive velcro, stick them in the rack under the stroller

It is the perfect place to store bottles and juices in order to avoid damage

3) The handle begins to wear out? Cover it with tape designed for tennis racket!

4) Use climbing carabiners to hang your shopping bags while shopping

5) The stroller will then become too heavy at the back and the bags will tip it. Add ankle and wrist alterations to the front legs of the stroller.

6) With all these purchases, you are running out of space for the stroller.

Use belts to hang it on the rear seat headrests of the car.

7) Use this kind of door hook

To hang the stroller at the garage door

8) The stroller is very dirty? Prepare a bucket of hot water and add dish soap. Rub the entire stroller, rinse with clear water with the garden hose and ....

Let it dry in the sun

9) Our winters can be very snowy! Add zip ties to the stroller wheels, making sure the ties are in front, they will serve as spikes to the wheels.

10) Always have a padlock in the bottom of the stroller. If you were to enter a shop too narrow to enter the stroller, you could leave it stuck outside and enter with baby.

11) Use self-adhesive reflective tape

To light the stroller if you go walking in the evening

Or, get battery-powered LED lights

For a stroller that has style!