This woman shares her awesome tip to quickly heal sunburns.

Heal sunburn

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Who does not hate sunburn? Indeed, if there is something that can ruin a beautiful summer day, it is a sunburn !

It hurts and the products that we buy at the pharmacy are usually very expensive and their effects are not always as effective as we would like.

But an American internet user shared a little tip that seems to work very well.

We have not tried it yet, but fortunately it's because we still have not had a sunburn.

In short, here is the trick explained by this woman.

First of all, as she says, it is the mother of her lover who has always used this method.

What you need is : Menthol shaving cream.

According to this woman, it seems that Gillette shaving cream, is the best.

Probably the other brands are working too, but as the lady explains, they have tried different shaving cream, and apparently Gillette shaving cream is the most effective.

All you need to do next is apply shaving cream to areas that have been burned by the sun.

Apply it generously, as if you were using it to shave.

In the minutes that follow, you will begin to feel a funny feeling of freshness.

It's a good sign because it means the trick works.

After about 30 minutes, you will probably see that the shaving foam has evaporated in some spots.

You may even feel cold in some areas where you have been burned.

It seems like a good sign !

Then rinse with a damp towel or a wet wipe.

The treatment will not heal your sunburn immediately, but one thing is certain, it will soothe the pain.

You will need at least a second treatment the next day, to heal the sunburn.

We remind you, it does not work the first time, but it seems that it is very effective !

The internet user who shared this tip, added some photos.

As you can see, this picture shows the result of her treatment on the third day. Her skin seems completely healed and she hasn't had any peeling.

We understand why she uses this tip on her and her children and I'm sure that now that she shared it with everyone, we will hear a lot about it this summer !