This year, we make our own Advent calendar!

It's more original and fun than a commercial Advent calendar!

Tips and Crafts

This year, forget the cheap Advent calendars that contain tasteless chocolate or those that are too expensive, even if they contain quality toys or chocolate.

To be more ecological and original, surprise your loved ones by offering them homemade Advent calendars ! There will be more love inside! And your creations will be unique, unlike products on the shelves of shops.

1. An environmentally friendly calendar

Here is an Advent calendar made with toilet paper rolls. In each roll of the nice house, you will hide a surprise!

Watch the video tutorial:

2. A reindeer calendar

Here is a calendar very original and cute!

Here's what you'll need to make it:

  • A large piece of cardboard
  • Tissue paper
  • Newspaper
  • Paper pulp in a plastic bowl
  • Branches
  • A gray and a yellow file folder
  • Paint
  • Paintbrushes
  • A cotton ball
  • Markers
  • Golden paint
  • 24 small boxes (for the surprises)
  • Ribbons
  • Scissors

How to do:

1. Crumple the tissue paper and form the neck and the head of the reindeer. Glue it onto the cardboard.

2. Tear off strips of newspaper and dip them in the paper pulp.

3. Form the reindeer by stacking the strips.

4. Let it dry and then paint the reindeer and the decor.

5. Cut out two large ears in the cardboard.

6. Glue the ears on the head of the reindeer.

7. Cut out the eyes in the yellow file folder and paint each pupil in black. Paint the cotton ball in black to make the nose.

8. Glue the eyes and nose.

9. Paint the branches in gold if desired and stick them to make the reindeer antlers.

10. With the ribbons, tie the small packages filled with gifts on the reindeer antlers.


3. A calendar in a jar

This calendar is super fast to prepare. A last minute DIY perfect for parents in a hurry (or late)!

Required material:

a big jar

white paper (for printer)


colored adhesive roll

little surprises

How to do:

1. Prepare your 24 little surprises (toys, candies, chocolates, vouchers for a privilege, etc.) and wrap them in a white paper, wrapped in colored tape.

2. Decorate your glass jar, if desired. You can add a tag with a message, for example. Or put on a pretty ribbon or festive stickers.

3. Drop all the little surprises in the jar and that's it, your child will only have to pick a tiny package each day until Christmas!


4. Matchbox Advent calendar

Colorful paper, ribbons and 24 small matchboxes and you can create a nice Advent calendar!

Watch the video tutorial:

5. An Advent calendar with small pockets

If you know how to sew, here's a nice idea to make an Advent calendar!

How to do:

1. Use white felt, make 24 pockets of 20 x 20 cm. At the top, leave an opening and make a small hem on one side of the pocket where you can add a thin rod.

2. Ask your child to draw Christmas decorations or winter patterns on the pockets, or do it yourself.

3. Fix 2 small rods on the wall, and add 12 pockets.

4. Insert in each pocket a small toy, a quote, a candy...

5. Slide the pockets into the rods. It's ready !