Those old wagons were converted in hotel rooms, would you sleep there? Take a look at the inside before answering.

A different hotel !

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Published 5 years ago
Those old wagons were converted in hotel rooms, would you sleep there? Take a look at the inside before answering.
Izaak Walton Inn

Sleep in a train carriage !

A few vintage train wagons were placed in a beautiful Montana forest, in the United States and transformed into luxury accommodation.

It may be odd at first, to sleep in such an original accommodation, but the moment you enter this transformed wagon, you will be amazed by the whistle of the train !

If you like different experiences, this kind of hotel is made for you !

I invite you to take a look and discover this unique hotel.

Good visit!

The kitchen

What about this charming kitchen ? The Izaak Walton Inn offers you first class accommodation ! The hotel offers you the choice of several wagons ! This one is called JJ Caboose.


Really typical, isn't it ? It is certain that it's a bit narrow but the experience is certainly worth it !

Other wagons

The Izaak Walton Inn offers you to sleep in different wagons whose interiors are totally different ! Some wagons are huge and others smaller.


This kitchen is different because it is in another wagon. Prices also depend on the size of the wagons and their equipment. I really did not expect to find such a beautiful kitchen in a wagon and you ?

Living room

What about this beautiful living room ? Wow ! It is certain that the wagons offer different interiors, because these ones don' thave the same size ! We forget we're in a wagon, right ? This living room even has a fireplace !


The following photos show you what the bedrooms look like. There is a warm and rustic atmosphere with the walls and ceiling in wooden slats. You can even see the bathroom on the left of the photo.

Other bedrooms

Almost all the bedrooms have a nice fireplace. It's perfect to get warm on cold winter days and it's romantic too ! The smaller wagons have of course smaller bedrooms, but some people like to find this kind of cozy little cocoon ! And what do you think of the interior so far ?

A unique experience !

Relaxation is key, all the rooms have ultra comfortable beds for a long and beautiful night's sleep. The main historic lodge has standard rooms; if you prefer sleeping in a room rather than in a wagon. If you like to enjoy nature, outdoor activities, you will probably enjoy this unique experience ! Take a look at their homepage to learn more about the Izaak Walton Inn !

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