To renovate her cabinets without spending a fortune, she dared to use wallpaper. And she was so right!

Looks like brand new cabinets!

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The day we decide that we do not like our kitchen cabinets and that we want to change them, it does not always mean pulling everything out and installing new ones.

I have a really less expensive solution to offer you: use textured wallpaper and paint!

That's what this woman did at home, and as you'll see, the result is incredibly beautiful, it looks like she replaced her cabinets with new ones!

Here are her front cabinets.

The first step: using a degreaser (TSP) to clean the cabinets deeply, otherwise the wallpaper and paint may not adhere to the surface.

The second step is to take measures and cut wallpaper by keeping a bit more of length: it is better to cut the excess rather than running out of wallpaper!

She used pre-pasted wallpaper, but added glue to ensure maximum grip. It's a kitchen, there's going to be steam, moisture, heat, so it's important to make sure the wallpaper sticks really well to the surfaces. [pub]

The next step: the painting! This is what makes it possible to have a super finished trick.

No one will ever know that she used wallpaper to give that wooden slats effect to her cabinets. Unless she says so!

It is an affordable renovation and accessible to all budgets: do not hesitate!