Too many people make this mistake when they cook chicken and they do not even know it!

It is a very bad habit, and dangerous for health!

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Most of the time, the habits of our mothers and grandmothers are great inspirations for our everyday lives. They knew some tricks for all kinds of situations!

But we are not talking about the bad habits they gave us because of lack of information, and we are repeating them because no one has ever told us to do otherwise!

This is the case with chicken ...

Do you rinse your chicken before cooking? You "wash" it to remove all the bacteria and bad odors as your mother showed you?

This is a big mistake!

Rinsing raw chicken only spreads the bacteria on the chicken, on your hands, on your kitchen countertop, in the sink ... The risks contamination increase!

A promotional campaign has even been set up in the United States to warn the public not to wash their chicken before cooking!

In any case, cooking the chicken will kill all the bacteria.

If you absolutely want to "wash" your chicken before cooking, use a paper towel to wipe it off and then throw away the paper without touching anything else. [Pub]

If the chicken smells bad when you unpack it, a rinse will not change anything: the chicken is not good!

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