Toothpaste is not just for brushing teeth, discover 20 other uses

20 toothpaste properties that you will appreciate!

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Toothpaste is not just for brushing teeth, discover 20 other uses

When you find out how useful the toothpaste can be, apart from using it 2 to 3 times a day to brush your teeth, you may want to buy different types of toothpaste to try all these small tips. Tips that you might have done differently and with products that are more expensive than toothpaste.

So these tips are not only very effective, but they are also very economical!

Here are 20 ingenious ways to use toothpaste:

1) Remove ink stains:

A pen stained your favorite shirt? Rub the stain with toothpaste, let it dry and wash the shirt normally the next day only. Goodbye ink stain!

Source: Max Stanworth

2) Clean the headlights of the car:

There are products to clean the headlights and you have to use them 2 times a year, because the headlights of your car will become dirty again ... But these products are much more expensive than toothpaste!

Source: Brian J Mattis

3) Make the silverware shine:

A little toothpaste, a soft cloth and the silverware will shine again

Source: eiffion ashdown

4) Prevent swimming goggles from fogging:

Some toothpaste, water and voila!

Source: Alan Levine

5) Get rid of coffee stains:

The coffee leaves stains! Avoid bleach brrrr .....! Use whitening toothpaste instead!

Source: Martin Molgaard

6) Clean your shoes:

White soles never stay white very long! But the toothpaste is miraculous to remove all the stains!

Source: Riley Kaminer

7) Wash the piano keys:

Piano keys can become very dirty in a very short time after continual use! And toothpaste is perfect to clean them!

Source: Throughout Year

8) Dry a pimple:

Do you have a pimple and you panic? Dry it before! Apply a little toothpasteJUSTon the pimple before going to sleep and in the morning rinse the skin with clear water.

Source: Throughout year

9) Stop the itching due to insect bites:

Maybe your mom already told you that toothpaste stopped the itching of mosquito bites? And well she was right!

Source: Sijodk

10) Remove dye stains:

A stain of hair dye, food coloring, on a cloth, apron, rug... can disappear with toothpaste. Apply the toothpaste, rub the stain, let it dry and wash normally the next day.

Source: kate.atkinson

11) Remove the nail polish:

If you had old nail polish on your nails and you did not have nail polish remover at home, try toothpaste! Bonus? Your nails will smell good!

Source: Cuba Gallery

12) Wash the screen of your phone:

Your phone's screen is full of germs and bacteria! You touch it constantly and you lend it to people who touch it too. Then you press your face on the screen to talk on the phone! Ouch! That sucks! Just apply some toothpaste on the screen to clean it.


Source: Cuba Gallery

13) Clean your iron:

If your iron leaves residue on clothes, turn it off and let it to cool down. As soon as it is possible to touch the iron with your hand, apply some toothpaste and rub the toothpaste with a soft cloth along the surface.

Source: Carla Manincor

14) Deodorize your shoes:

If your shoes stink, rub toothpaste along the soles to give them a scent of freshness!

Source: feroequineologist

15) Hang a frame:

You live in an apartment and it's forbidden to hang frames on the wall because the nails will leave holes? Hang your frames anyway and when leaving the house,use toothpaste and plug all the small holes!

Source: Wondercrazy

16) Eliminate stains on the carpet:

A whitening toothpaste can remove stubborn stains on a carpet! Try it on a hidden part of your carpet.

Source: Wondercrazy

17) Wash your hands:

If the hand soap does not remove all grease stains or unpleasant odors, try the toothpaste! It will not disappoint you!

Source: Melinda Mary

18) Repair a scratched DVD or a CD:

Sometimes a small scratch can damage your DVD or CD. Add some toothpaste, wipe off the excess with a dry cloth. Let the toothpaste dry, then listen to the DVD or CD.

Source: Ben Oliviera

19) Clean your thermos:

The thermos can smell bad because it is rarely clean right after the use. To eliminate odors or a musty smell, add toothpaste in the thermos and water and clean it vigorously. All bad smells will disappear.

Source: Denkrahm

20) Remove car scratches:

To remove car scratches use toothpaste and a microfiber cloth!

Source: Johnathan Rolande